How the better-safe-than-sorry principle will make us more sorry than safe

Febrile reporting of the arrival of a Covid-19 Second Wave in the UK at the beginning of Autumn came as no surprise since the mainstream media were taking relish in predicting it before the first wave was over. Accompanying the media fanfare is a battle between two groups of scientists over the government’s policy for managing the crisis. One group believes that a radical shift in government policy is required to deal with the virus. This group sees the current efforts to suppress the virus as both futile and damaging in their disproportionate effect on society as a whole, taking…

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Source: Free People Alliance on Twitter

Last Spring governments across the world subjected whole societies, without their consent, to a public health and societal experiment. The measures adopted and their extremity have never been seen in modern times and their consequences are likely to reverberate for generations to come. …

Putting January’s media onslaught into perspective

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Naomi Wolf on Twitter: February 9, 2021

January is reputedly the most depressing month of the year. It was made all the more depressing this year by the ever-tightening noose of Covid restrictions that preceded it. But the mood wasn’t grim enough for the mainstream media fear-pedallers, who piled on the depression with a daily Covid death count. January was simply another month that proved there is no limit to the government’s and its public broadcaster’s efforts to ramp up the Covid terror campaign.

The daily Covid death count is like a religious chant. You are not supposed to question it…

In this three-part blog, I explore the absence of critical thought and debate by the Left on the global response to Covid, using two commentators I am familiar with as examples. Below, I discuss the Left’s unwitting embrace of Disaster Capitalism and its consequences for progressive politics. I also examine Caitlin Johnstone’s contradictory statements and speculate on the role of ideology in the Left’s blind spot.

Garlanding billionaires — the Left welcomes Disaster Capitalism with open arms

There is more than enough evidence to condemn the case for lockdowns, and most of the restrictions we are forced to endure, as…

Could the pill be worse than the ill? The Left remains unmoved.

In this three-part blog, I explore the absence of critical thought and debate by the Left on the global response to Covid, using two commentators I am familiar with as examples. Below, I discuss the Left’s silence on the disproportionate collateral damage from lockdown. While the government has intensified its propaganda campaign, propaganda busters Media Lens have remained strangely silent.

So, what of the measures? Is shutting down Britain really the best answer? That’s the perfectly reasonable question that Peter Hitchens asked on 22 March in his Mail…

The Left’s suspension of critical thought.

In this three-part blog, I explore the absence of critical thought and debate by the Left on the global response to Covid, using two commentators I am familiar with as examples. In part 1, I discuss the Left’s failure to critically assess whether lockdowns were the right response in light of emerging information and, in particular, Media Lens’ abandonment of their principles when lockdowns began, in a reflexive shouting down of reasonable observations by centre-right commentators.

In describing the Covid crisis, the mainstream media prefer to attribute our woes unambiguously to ‘the pandemic’, using…

The global response to Covid has made ‘conspiracy theory’ respectable and sane. Here’s why.

Societies are insane because humans are irrational. Much of that insanity is rooted in a refusal to accept that we are fundamentally irrational. Accepting that you are insane is, paradoxically, the first step towards sanity. But you can never be fully sane. You can only hope to finish the day more sane than you were yesterday. And in the time of Covid, it can often feel like one step forward is rapidly followed by three steps backward.

Amid the swirl of Covid hysteria, a small but…

British musician Adele was recently accused of cultural appropriation over an Instagram picture in which she sported a traditional African hairstyle known as Bantu knots. One tweet claimed that this was “cultural appropriation that nobody asked for”, adding the sweeping generalisation that “this officially marks all of the top white women in pop as problematic.” Another advocated “jail” with “no parole” for her Bantu knots crime as Black British public figures like Tottenham MP David Lammy and model Naomi Campbell came to the singer’s defence. Most of the fuss appears to have been generated in the US.

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Adele Instagram

The term ‘cultural…

Who on Earth do you think you are, Niall Paterson?

Was I the only person to have fallen out of their chair on Sunday when Niall Paterson, filling in for Sophy Ridge on Sunday on Sky TV on 14th July, asked Gina Miller:

“Who on Earth do you think you are? Writing a letter like that to the man who will most likely be the next Prime Minister.”?

Or was there a collective nationwide thud of bodies crashing to the floor followed by a spike in visits to A&E departments as thousands of SKY TV viewers urgently sought treatment, not…

At a time when the far right is on the rise in Europe and a post-racial society appears a distant dream in the US, the case of Rachel Doležal offers a clue to how we might win the fight against racism — at its heart a disease of identity.

In the days following the election of Barack Obama, the new buzzword bandied about by well-meaning sections of the liberal media was “post-racial”. This historic moment, it was hoped, would usher in a new epoch in which the discussion of race as a source of tension was passé. But in the…

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